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This Month's Articles
The 5 Stages of Business Growth
By Kurt Theriault
As a business owner, or leader within a business, you face periods (maybe you are in one now!) where the business plateaus, recedes, or grows at various rates. But, do you know why it is exceedingly difficult to move from one phase to the other?  Do you know what levers to pull to transition between phases? How do you make decisions to jump start a change, or determine what’s the best next thing to do and why?  Are you even conscious of what sort of stage your business is in today? Do you know the key roles/capabilities required of owners and managers at the various stages.

The article, written all the way back in 1983, is still completely relevant - which is the beauty of it and why I recommend diving in. Given many of us are in various stages of year-end strategic move-forward planning, taking a look at where you are at, why, where you want to go, and what will be critical to consider along that path is a timely exercise.

Click here to read the article written by Neil C. Churchill and Virginia L. Lewis published in the Harvard Business Review.
Over the next decade, there will be 3.4 million manufacturing jobs and 2 million are projected to go unfilled….

….before professional service firms can think they are out of the woods, according to research conducted the gap between job demand and talent supply will only continue to grow.  

The bottom line? Every organization will be challenged to attract, engage, lead, and keep key talent.

Furthermore, do you feel like you or your leaders, at times, talk a different language than the people in your organization?  Are you concerned about an aging workforce with no plan to backfill it? Does it seem like a struggle to get people to work collaboratively to get things done?  

You are not alone.  Be sure to register and join us at the next Allied Executive Workshop - Thursday, 11/29 @ 1:30.

Phil Gwoke, of Bridgeworks, will share insights into how every generation shows up to work and why, how to more effectively attract next-gen talent to your organization, and tactics you and your team can use to adapt communication - across all generations - to better connect your team and get things done.

Click here to check out the entire sneak peak video, or click below to view parts that interest you.

0:56 - Why talking generations matters to you
2:00 - What’s NASA got to do with it?
3:50 - What do you do when a leader says "Jump"?
4:40 - Impact on Safety
5:40 - How Next Generations view employment

Congratulations to the following Allied Executives members for being recognized as one of the Business Journal’s Fastest 50 growing, private companies.

  • FastBridge Learning #2 (up 341.65%) - Members Terri Soutor, Dan Wallek, and Eric Rohy
  • All In One Accounting #27 (up 55.81%) - Members Heidi Olson and Becky Lewis
  • TechGuru #28 (up 55.62%) - Member Dan Moshe
Also, congratulations to Mindy Martell, and her company Clothier Design Source, for their nomination for Product Innovation of the Year by the Business of Manufacturing Awards panel.
We currently have openings for a few great people in one of our key leader groups.

Given how difficult it is to attract, grow, and retain key people today, involving them in a community like Allied is a great way to help them grow and learn as leaders, connect with others in their shoes, and collaborate with other executives to solve key issues, be exposed to tools & ideas that benefit the organization, and get help with key decisions along the way.

If you would like to explore membership and fit for one of your key people, click button below to let us know and we’ll be sure to connect.
1/23/2019 – Allied Activity: Stock & Barrel Gun Club – 1:30PM – 4:30PM
2/6/2019 – Allied Connect: Lake Monster Brewing Company – 5:30PM – 8:30PM
3/7/2019 – Private event: Colleen Canning -
                  Strategies for Growing & Retaining Your Top Clients – 1PM – 6PM

5/23/2019 – Private event: Casey Brown – Pricing as a Marketing Tool – 1PM – 6PM
6/7/2019 – Allied Activity: Allied Motorcycle Ride – 8AM – 3PM

Additional Activities in the Works
Additional information will be provided as dates and venues are confirmed.

July - Allied Activity: Saints Baseball Game
August - Allied Activity: Winery Tour
October – Annual Event: Business & Economic Outlook
November - Allied Retreat: Allied Member Retreat
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